3rd August 2015: If you could change one thing…

Last week I played a variant of the “what would you say to your 16 year old self” called “if you could go back and change things, what would you do?”

This came about because the industry I find myself working in currently is on its knees, and there’s some dire predictions that we won’t see a recovery for nearly 2 years. Alarming to say the least. So I’ve been updating my CV and mentally preparing myself for what may be around the corner.

Which inevitably leads to thoughts about what subjects I should’ve done in high school, what I should’ve gone to university to study, and what career path I should’ve taken.

I still don’t really know. I have vague thoughts about re-training but that requires equal amounts of time, money and dedication. The time thing I can probably manage at the minute – work isn’t that busy. But the money thing is an issue – nothing comes cheaply especially education, and I seem to have been lulled into financial security by being in a booming industry for a while.

Dedication probably comes with studying something that is interesting and passion driven. But, my track record with studying is not great.

So, if I won the lottery and won enough to a) pay for re-training, b) cover the household bills whilst I’m re-training, and c) top up the salary from my new career in order to cover the bills so we can live the life to which we’ve become accustomed, what would I do?

Probably something health related I think.


Massage therapist?

The problem with both of those is my hands probably aren’t strong enough and knowing me I’d end up hurting myself whilst trying to manipulate someone’s back. Not to mention the potential damage you can cause someone if you screw up a manipulation.


Too much chemistry to learn. I was never good with chemistry.


Possible – but I’m probably not the greatest advertisement for healthy living.


Hmmm. Maybe forensic psychology – combine two things that I have an interest in.

I just need to win Lotto then. Difficult when you don’t even play Lotto.

So I’ll just get up, go to work and try to pretend I care about this paperwork and email inbox.


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