Mar 9th: Busy

I’d tell you why I don’t have time to write a proper blog post this week, but I sort of don’t have time.

OK, I have some time. I’m not that busy and important.

This was going to be a short story post based on a very vivid dream I had last week. But when I was writing it out, the short story became a slightly longer short story which now needs polishing and editing before I’m prepared to put it in front of anyone.

This week is insanely busy. Even cutting down where I can, and presenting apologies for events that haven’t even been confirmed yet, I’m still going to be about 90% dead by Saturday.

Today I’m off to see my surgeon and it’s likely that we’ll be confirming a date for my surgery later in the year. (No time to explain the what or why of surgery now – maybe in a future post!)

Tomorrow I will be up at the conference centre to help set up our company’s stand at the Oil and Gas Exhibition. I’m hoping it won’t take too long and I can escape back to the suburbs in the afternoon, but there’s no guarantee when so many people are involved all with their own ideas.

Wednesday the exhibition starts but I seem to have managed to get out of being there. Just as well because we have tickets to see Billy Connolly that evening. Really looking forward to that. Or at least I think I would be if there wasn’t so much else going on this week!

Thursday I’ll be at the exhibition with a client meeting in the middle of the day. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s drinks or dinner afterwards with our visitors from overseas. I’m not great at socialising anyway, but I find business socialising incredibly difficult. Hoping I can come up with a legitimate excuse to bail and escape back home!

Friday is the last day of the exhibition, so I’ll certainly be up there in the afternoon to help pack down and get everything ready to ship back to the office. Given what time the show finishes and the packing we have to do, I suspect it will be a take away pizza night on Friday!

And in the midst of all that, there’s three family birthdays. As usual, no one’s arranged anything ahead of time and no doubt I’ll get a text 2 hours before a “cake and coffee” type get together for 4pm on a weekday afternoon miles away from me. Like I said, I’ve presented my apologies in anticipation – there’s just no way I can do everything this week. Although a family birthday get together sounds like a great get out of jail card for the business socialising on Thursday evening!

Fortunately I was able to get a week ahead on one of my MOOCs last week, and I can fall one week behind on the other without my final mark being affected so there’s one less stress to worry about.

Sleep will be the main item to do on Saturday, maybe some grocery shopping if I can find any remaining energy or motivation lurking at the back of my sock drawer.

I must go now; I’m very busy.

(Normal blogging service will resume next week.)


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