52Blogs additional: Week something: My week in photos

Not strictly a 52Blogs topic but I liked the idea so I did it.


I’m trying to counteract the weight gaining effect of hormone meds. So it’s out with the chocolate biscuits and chips and in with the fruit mix and nuts.


Along with the healthy eating I’m aiming to walk 3kms on weeknights and do a 5km walk over the weekend. I’m doing well.


It’s mad at work this week. So much to do. Ugh.


I love winter sunsets.


Another day, another 3km walk. Fitness is mine!


Having finished the front room, it’s time to attack this room. Currently a random dumping ground, soon to be an organised hobbies/office. Maybe…


Regular Wednesday evening treat of Bad Film Night. With added pain of paperwork!


Tea and dried fruit. Healthy. And warming.


Kitten cuddles. These are getting more regular. We even had all three in the sofa at one point. Finally some progress after 6 months.


You can tell it’s Fat Friday from the amount of cheese on my salad!


A bit of a rest and relax half way round my 5km walk tonight. Yup, 5km. I’m proud.


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