52Blogs: Week 20: Winter

God I hate winter.

I hate it even more in Australia than I did in England.

I need some clever scientist dude to prove that 10 degrees in Perth actually is colder than 10 degrees in England. I don’t care that the mercury reads the same-it’s a different temperature I’m sure of it.

I had someone say to me today that, at least when you’re cold you can just put on more jumpers and have a hot shower. In the kind of heat we get in Perth, there’s often no escape from it. And whilst that’s true, I suffer from the old person’s syndrome ‘Once Cold, Always Cold’. That feeling of being cold no matter how many blankets you’re under, how many jumpers you’re wearing and how many heat packs and hot water bottles you have clenched to your body.

Bring back summer I say. The earlier the better.


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