“It’s gonna be a bright bright bright bright sun shiny day”

I’m having a bad day. During the course of a bad week.

And apparently it’s showing. Husband has asked me if I’m feeling alright. Boss is trying to get me to take some time off. Obviously the internal pain is showing through a bit at the minute.

Not that that is entirely surprising given the extent and occasional intensity of the internal pain.

Three times last night I woke up in severe pain. I’m not talking emotional or existential pain. I mean physical ‘oh dear lord someone fetch me some morphine’ pain.

First my back went into spasm so that lying down was awful painful. But trying to sit up was worse.

Next I woke up unable to breath properly because moving my ribs was a tad uncomfortable. I still can’t really breath fully to be honest. This resulted in being unable to get comfortable. At all.

Then I woke up because… well, just pain. Everywhere. Chest, head, hips, legs.

I looked at the clock at that point hoping I’d only just gone to sleep and had another 7 sleeping hours before dragging myself into another day, but no. It was 5 o clock and the locals were off to work on their monster bikes and in their super turbo charged ‘let’s wake up the entire freaking world’ Holden utes. (I can only assume they’re Holdens because Ford drivers are far too polite.)

I know it’s going to be a bad day when I reach for the painkillers as soon as I wake up. At least I stand half a chance of making it through the day if I can put off The Hour of The Pills until late morning or even lunchtime. Sometimes I can then persuade myself that it’s not worth taking anything til I get home. And then I can even put it off til bedtime. And sometimes I then forget cos I’m asleep.

Not today. Today will be Painkiller Pthursday. (The p is silent so it alliterates on paper.)

But, as has been said somewhere this week; I woke up alive, so it’s not all that bad.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Somehow. Apart from anything else, it’s Friday tomorrow and that’s never a bad thing.

Hope you’re all feeling better than I am.

And if you’re in a similar state, feel free to come and join me in the grumpy corner.

Just bring your own pills because this lot are mine, all mine!


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