Invite to a pity party (A (short) Health Post)

WARNING: The following post contains self-indulgent whinging. And probably many typos.


Oh dear.

It’s all gone wrong somewhere in the last couple of weeks. Other than ‘sick sleeping’ over the weekend when my immune system was keeping this cold at bay, I think I’ve averaged about three hours sleep per night in the last 10 days.

My appetite is shocking. Even one of my favourite meals last night failed to coax it out of whichever cave it’s hiding in. And the kicker is; I’m still putting weight on.

And guess what? The pain levels are kicking back in. Fatigue and pain are clouding my thoughts so I’m not actually being entirely productive.

The change in weather hasn’t helped. Once I’m cold the pain goes up. So please forgive me if I whine about winter, but it really does affect me negatively.

Yes. I’m throwing a pity party. And you’re all invited cause there are so many of my friends doing it tough at the minute.

I don’t want sympathy.

I want a good nights sleep. I want to feel the urge to eat a decent meal. I want to not be nauseous from tiredness and pain.

Actually what I really want is to curl up in a ball under my fluffy throw rug and stay there till summer returns.

OK. I’m done. Retunring to normal service in 3, 2, 1…


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