I’m Helen and I’m a Christian

I know-I seem so normal right?

I’m not over the top in putting it out there on Twitter especially.

Not because I’m ashamed or worried what anyone will think of me but because I know and understand that people don’t want it shoved down their throat. And that’s fine. I get uncomfortable when I see someone being overly preachy and pushy.

But I am quite happy to talk about it with you if you ask me. It’s hard on Twitter-140 characters is not enough to discuss a faith. But feel free to ask and we’ll go out to coffee. I’ll even treat. =)

Call me a crazy for believing. Maybe I think you’re a little crazy for not believing. =P

But today, 21 May 2011, on another predicted day of the rapture, I wanted to put into words what I, and many millions of Christians around the world believe.

(Please note, I know this seems counter to not being pushy/preachy but I’m telling you what I believe and not trying to tell you what to believe. I respect people’s right to make up their own minds-just like I have. I also respect people’s right to disagree with me. But please respect my right to believe what I do.)

I believe God created the universe and everything in it.

I believe Jesus was a real person who walked the earth and did the things that the Bible tells us He did-water into wine, curing the sick and blind, raising the dead etc.

I believe He was killed, and physically rose form the dead and ascended to heaven.

I believe that Jesus will return to the earth and set up His kingdom on earth.

I believe that there will be a time of great trial and tribulation on the earth. We may already be in that period-I don’t know.

And that’s the thing-we don’t know. The bible says “no man will know the day or the hour, not the angels, not the Son. Only the Father.” (paraphrased from Matthew 24 verse 26)

Which is why I don’t believe today is “the day”. Or rather that there is no greater chance of today being the day than any other day. It might happen today. Or it might not happen for another 150 years. No one knows.

I do believe that when the day does come, Jesus will take those who believe in Him to heaven with Him. I’m not going to claim to know when or how it will happen, but I do believe it will.

If you want to ask me questions please do. I may not know the answers immediately (I have a very simple faith), but I have a very knowledgable Pastor who I can speak to. And we’ll do coffee and talk.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend, cold but sunny though it may be in Perth. I’m going to take my ailing body to bed and look forward to the day I get a new, perfect body in heaven.


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