Search for Answers – Part 1 (A Health Post)

So as you are all painfully aware, I have some health issues to which I am searching for answers and some treatment/medication/remedial stuff thingamy.

The first step was to get my GP to refer me on to a Rheumatologist and then wait for the appointment. Which I managed.

I went in to see him this week and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I guess after 10-15 years of doctors telling me to “go away and get over it” I wasn’t really excpecting much. However, he was brilliant. He listened to me, asked a lot of questions and within ten minutes I had two diagnoses which make sense, can be managed and will help with pain levels.

He’s recognised hypermobility syndrome in me which may account for some of the pain I am experiencing in my wrists, elbow, knees and ankles and possibly my hips and shoulders as well. Exercises will help strengthen the muscles around those joints and should help them to move in the way they are supposed to and not extend beyond where they should. Which will reduce strain and pain in those joints. Yay!

He’s also diagnosed a Vitamin D deficiency to the point where I will be taking 2000UI D3 tablets for the rest of my life to avoid bone problems, certain cancers and possible link to Parkinson’s, which my aunt suffers from. These all seem like good things to avoid so I will happily take those two pills every day.

But in addition, he has also recommended 10g of fish oil a day, 300mg of CoQ10 a day and another supplement which I am still undecided on. Along with my usual daily tablets, this takes me to 20 pills a day. And we haven’t really started on the main diagnoses yet. Holy crap.

I say we haven’t really started yet because he wrote up a blood test request form that made War and Peace look like a high school essay. Yes, I know I am a slight drama queen when it comes to blood being taken, but I don’t react well and tend to end up looking like an unskilled drug addict.

There were 21 tests on that form ranging from mineral levels (iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium) to thyroid levels,¬†cholesterol, sex hormones and substances which would indicate autoimmune diseases like the ever-fun Lupus. (It’s not Lupus.)

And this is where I find a problem. I like to research things to the nth degree. Whether it’s the purchase of a TV, car or fridge, to the tests my doctor has just ordered. Which leads me to the point of not really wanting to continue with the search for answers because I fear that the answers I may get will lead to more pills, and a life fighting against my own body.

Oh well, part 2 of my search for answers continues in two weeks time and I kinada hope he hasn’t found anything but I still want an answer as to why I feel so crap so frequently and persistently. Yes, I am a contradiction in terms. Bite me.


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