30 Day Challenge: Day 7

30 Day Challenge: Day 7 – a picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

There were a few options for today: my dad (I mean, he had quite a large hand in making me who I am and raising me), God (He had quite a lot to do with my creation and salvation), the general manager from my first job (he taught me so much about management and humility without meaning to teach me anything-the best kind of mentor).

Then there’s the people that have had a huge but negative impact on my life. They shall remain nameless.

But I’ve gone with husband, (@d_wolff for you Twitterers). When we got together, it was like my life made sense again, he completed me. He really is my other half in all kinds of ways; similar in the ways that matter and polar opposites where important.

The moment that will always stick in my mind was the afternoon I was told I was no longer allowed to work in Australia due to visa constraints and I was unlikely to be granted a visa. I was off sick that day and after the call, I curled up under the doona and cried for about three hours straight-it felt like the whole world was falling apart with a very real prospect that I was going to have to go back to England.

By the time Dann got to mine for dinner that night I was just numb. I told him what was happening and he looked stunned for about 5 seconds then said, very calmly,

‘It’s OK babe, I’ve got you.’

It was such a simple thing to say and yet I’m tearing up recounting it. And he has stuck to it since, and I know he will forever.

He makes me believe in myself.

He chills me out.

He makes me feel safe.

He lets me win when we play-fight.

He puts up with all my crap; the perfectionist stuff, the health stuff, my anxieties…

He lets me be me without judgement.

He inspires me to be a better me.

He challenges me; my opinions, my attitudes and sometimes my patience!

He makes me laugh hysterically; to the point of tears, to the point of hyper-ventilating.

He is the father of my future kids.

OK, enough of the soppy stuff Hels, just post the damn picture already.

(Sorry, our wedding is the only time we’ve had pictures taken of the two of us together-should probably rectify that!)


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