30 Day Challenge: Day 5

30 Day Challenge: Day 5 – a picture of somewhere you’ve been to

This was actually a hard one to decide on. I’ve been lucky to go to various cities and countries in my life: LA, San Fransico, Seattle, Paris, New England, Florida, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, and of course the UK, Ireland and Australia. But I guess the pictures I’m going to share are of my favorite place, and the one that I miss most from the UK. (I know, it should only be one photo but somewhere so beautiful deserves more than one.)

The Lake District. It was my first holiday destination when I was about 3 months old, and I went there regularly throughout my childhood and teenage years, usually with just my dad. (He didn’t believe in foreign holidays unless we had fully explored our own country!) It was actually the first place I drove to after getting my license. And it was the place I retreated to for some ‘me time’ after a breakup.

This the Langdale Pikes with Elterwater in the foreground. It remains one of my favorite walks up to the top of the pikes, although there is no way I would make it nowadays. The picture quality is shocking because, believe it or not, this was on 35mm film. I know, how quaint.

I remember taking this picture-I had one eye on a swan that was there with her three cygnets. She was not happy that I was there as well and was keen to let me know it! It was a gorgeous sunny day (a slight rarity in the Lakes!) I’d walked a couple of miles from down-stream and had a few more to go up-stream and was loving the peace and quiet of the day. Good memories.







The next one is of Wastwater. It is a beautiful spot, so remote and accessible by only one road. To get there you either have to go round the south of the entire area and up the coast or through the middle over mountain passes which are just awesome roads to drive (unless you’re in a BMW with over-protective traction control >.<). However, it is one of the eeriest places I’ve ever been. To the right of the picture is a scree-zone which drops into the lake making it hugely deep (deepest lake in England). It gives me the creeps even on a nice sunny day like this was.



And finally, this is Ulswater. (Again, please excuse the shocking photographic quality-it was an old 35mm Canon developed by a really cheap photo place. My camera skills are usually better than this.) This was a walk that I did on my own and it was such an accomplishment for me to do a day’s outing on my own that I hadn’t done previously with someone else.


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