30 Day Challenge: Day 4

30 Day Challenge: Day 4 – a habit that you wish you didn’t have

I struggled to think of a habit I have that I wish I didn’t. And I guess more insightfully, husband couldn’t think of any either. (I suspect that’s because he’s so laid back and forgiving rather than a lack of annoying habits on my part.)

I have the common ones: starting things but not finishing them, procrastinating. (Classic example would be when my old Vectra started making strange noises when on full lock. If I’d acted straight away, it might’ve only been a small repair. Instead I waited till the entire power steering crapped itself and it cost me a small fortune.)

I guess the biggest one is perfectionism.

It creeps into everything: work, home, hobbies, faith and social networking. I guess it’s more of a character trait than a habit… but, meh.

I rarely start something without the intention of being the absolute best at it. And usually I fail because of other habits (see above). Or because if I’m not instantly good at something I get depressed, chuck a tantrum and give up. (I know, real mature!)

It does have its benefits though: it makes me good at my job which has large elements of QA/QC and documentation in it, and I work in an industry where if even a small detail is overlooked it can be catastrophic to people, environment and business.

But it does mean that it can take me 15 minutes to write a three sentence e-mail, because the spelling, grammar and tone has to be just right. I have been known to take a whole weekend to write a particularly long and involved e-mail.

And don’t get me started on how long it can sometimes take me to write a status update or @reply. Let alone an entire blog entry.

The rest of the time, it can be very annoying for me and those around me, like husband, who has to cope with me going round tidying after him because things have to be just so.

But only certain things. The rug in the hallway has been off-centre for days and it doesn’t bother me (although I will now go and put it straight). But empty soft-drinks bottles on the counter top, drive me insane. As do drawers being slightly open. Or the place mats and coasters being the wrong way round 0n the table. Or the throw being the wrong way round on the bed. (Label must be at the bottom right as you look at the bed.)

I guess as habits/traits go it’s not a bad one to have. I don’t chew my nails, smoke, I’m not an alcoholic or addict, I’m not a compulsive spender… but sometimes I wish I could accept the fact that I’m not going to be the best at something and do it anyway.

I probably wouldn’t miss out on experiences.

I’d probably be a better person for it.


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